• Chairman: Zen Rong
  • Since: 1992
  • Registered Capital: RMB2-3m.
  • Business License:
  • Registered City:ChangSha
  • Nature: State owned
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Changsha Towel Group, large state-run enterprise in household textile industry and vice-director with the Chinese Household Products Association, ranks top in China in the printed towel production with an annual out put of 100 million standard towel. Cut-velvet print textile constitutes thehighlight and specialty of our products thanks to a unique style and a complete range of variety. We, at present, distribute home and abroad six categories of towel series in 1600 colors and designs including bath towel, face towel, pillow towel, wash cloth, towel sheet, towel night suit.Granted ISO9001:2001 quality certificate and crowned with ¡°Consumer Satisfaction Products¡± in addition to ¡°Name B...

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Address:2 Li jIachong, Hei Shidu, Changsha, Hunan Province, China E-mail:feifeitowel@163.com Telephone:0731-84316297
Fax:0731-84310425 Web Site:www.feifeitowel.com